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Shore Strategies LLC provides a broad range of services and technical assistance to nonprofits, public agencies and small businesses that are committed to the success and sustainability of the people and communities of Maryland's Eastern Shore and beyond.


Shore Strategies LLC partners with organizations to leverage their brand and people resources to maximize the potential for success.



At Shore Strategies LLC, with our clients, we facilitate clear goal setting, resource identification, and execution.


This enables us to identify goals and the underlying motivations driving them.


We also will evaluate organizational and leadership talents to capitalize on strengths and further develop skills needed to succeed and develop processes for goal attainment as well as mechanisms for ongoing support.


Who We Are

Shore Strategies LLC is a solutions oriented social impact and placemaking consulting firm serving the Delmarva Peninsula and beyond with a range of services and technical assistance for nonprofits, rural governments and small businesses.


Thriving rural places don’t just happen. They are created through intentional focus and hard work.


We understand the unique challenges faced in rural places and can enhance your capacity to meet those challenges.  We help you map the journey to reach your vision whether your focus is to create a roadmap for your organization’s future, build a plan to launch a new program,  design a municipal site, or launch a new business.


Greensboro, MD 21639  Tel: 410-200-8651

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